Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Eat here. 
You have to. 
I found out about this new restaurant through instagram out of all things. Someone posted a photo of their Roti, a huge Caribbean burrito, which got my attention right away. Caribbean? In Long Beach?
My brother from yet another mother, Stevie, who eats all things MEAT, was an excellent co-investigator to Callaloo. We checked the menu for brief moment and ordered without question. Check Stevie's eyeballs when his Curried Goat showed up.

Had to get a taste of it myself and it was really well flavored. Quite possibly some of the best I've had, outside of Little India. Included sides were white rice and some curried veggies, potatoes and chickpeas (which were in the Roti below).

Does it come to much surprise that I got the Stewed Oxtail? It was equally as good and I probably would've ordered it again if I went the next day. The oxtail dish included steamed veggies and dirty rice w/black beans. Portions were pretty large all around. With my love for oxtail, I could've ate a whole other serving... heh.

And then I got a Roti w/goat to go for Sasha. This bad boy was huge, the size of two burritos. Super tasty. Some may even consider overly tasty, but not me. I liked everything about it. Including the huge chunks of potatoes.

Here's a bad photo of the Roti cut in half. HUGE.
  So once more, in case you didn't catch me the first time, check this place out!
4137 E Anaheim St
Long Beach, CA 90804
(562) 230-7530


  1. Wife is West Indian - this will work! Thank you sir...

  2. I always imagine giraffe neck cooked like oxtail.
    big fuckin oxtail as big as your plate...

  3. Nelson - thanks for the tip!

    The family had dinner here 4th of July before we saw fireworks. Wifey had Curry Goat Roti, the boy had Chicken Roti, I had the Curry Goat plate - my 13 month little one sampled from all our plates. The food was great, the owner and my wife had a nice Trini chat that I only understood a third of. Nice spot, we'll be back.