Monday, June 3, 2013


So driving through Harbor City on Friday, with Morrissey singing me his clever lyrics, I saw a big flag reading BBQ and smoke billowing by. It was about 2pm and I was starving.
Never seen or heard of this guy before but I had a good feeling about it. They had their deal set up in the Auto Zone parking lot.
Gotta love street vendors. I live for them.
I got to take a peek at the beef ribs. The rest was too smokey to get even a fairly clear shot.
I had the combo plate, the sides were potato salad and BBQ beans... they tasted ok, maybe they were out of a can to be honest (or at least the beans started out of a can). Took a few bites but I pretty much skipped them. Ate the roll though.
The meats I chose were Brisket, Beef Ribs and Chicken.The brisket was done well, not too lean or overcooked. I can eat brisket like this all day. The chicken was good, but they only gave me one thigh (but it at least it was a thigh!). Wish I had like four of those chicken thighs. 

And they gave two beef ribs. Slightly fatty, but in a good way. I was kinda surprised that they gave more beef ribs than chicken

Maybe I should've gotten the sauce on the side. Guess I'm more of a dry BBQ kinda guy. I keep feeling like the sauce is masking the good cuts of meat underneath. It's the style of BBQ that's around here though, wherever I can find it.

Bottom line, check these guys out if you can. I can tell some love is going into this BBQ and they're not out there just slanging meat just to make a quick buck.

Check their site for future locations, they're usually moving around the South Bay (last two spots were Harbor City and Compton):

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