Friday, August 2, 2013


Quite possibly, and I mean this, the best sandwich I've had this year.


Yes, you read that right. I'm not looking for shock value or anything like that. HOT BEEF MOTHERFUCKING TONGUE is a excellent sandwich. Of course you know I've had many taco de lengua, I've been eating beef tongue my whole life but this just takes it to another level. The soft, slightly fatty, slice meat is just amazing and flavorful.

I stepped into a Tommy Pastrami chain restaurant in Irvine because I was desperate and soon as I walked in, I shit you not, it's the only thing I could see on the entire menu before even walking up to the counter. Went back twice for this HOT BEEF TONGUE.

You've heard it before, maybe seen it on Anthony Bourdain's show or something, and you thought to yourself, "oh, I'll try that next time..." but you never do. So quit being such a wuss next time and do it. Most real deal NY style delis will have it.

Oh, what did I think of Tommy Pastrami's? Well, slightly overpriced but this sandwich is so fucking worth it (their Santa Ana location does not serve this). I never ate anything else there either.