Monday, October 28, 2013


If you're the type of person that's fine with eating drive-thru for a "fine" burger or maybe Subway completely satisfies your craving for a solid sandwich, this post is not for you. This blog is not for you. Then again, you're very likely not here if any of that was the case.

It drives me crazy when people tell me about their favorite BBQ spots that consist of peanut shells purposely thrown about the floor and the same old blues collection being piped in digitally to put you in the perfect southern facade. How can one eat BBQ from a chain restaurant? How can any chain eatery be considered 'a good place to eat'? [aside from the occasional In & Out Burger, come on now]

Robert Earl's is absolutely none of that funny business. It's the real deal, independently owned and operated by him and his wife. 

I might be getting a little too preachy, but I'm just really stoked on this new restaurant here in the LB. So consider this a mini-review because my hungry ass couldn't help but to start eating before I could get solid photos of everything. I'll have to go back for further investigation! But for now, let me tell you that Robert Earl's BBQ is in North Long Beach, just off of Artesia near Jordan High School. Easiest to get there right off the 710/Artesia, just blocks from where I used to reside.
Oh, I did manage to get this one photo though right before I inhaled it. Going clockwise from the dinner roll, we have an AMAZING turkey neck (which I consider the "Oxtail of Fowl"), three pork ribs, a chicken leg, potato salad and BBQ beans. Notice that I'm eating all this WITHOUT sauce, I'm consuming it dry style like I had it in Tennessee. Robert Earl himself is that confident in his BBQ that it can be eaten without sauce (or with sauce on the side, how I like it!). 
Check out Robert Earl's BBQ!

703 E Artesia Blvd
Long Beach, CA 90805
(310) 961-6548


  1. Bruh, I'm trying to drop some pounds - I've got to stop bouncing past your blog. Thanks to you I'm buying homemade ice cream, slurping pho with the kids, gnawing on oxtails with the wife...

    Looks like we'll be trying some BBQ this weekend.

  2. I feel your joy Nelson, I'm leaving for Texas this Thursday & super stoked for some proper BBQ!(minus the sauce)