Wednesday, December 4, 2013


And oh my goodness it was SPECTACULAR.
First, I simmered then fried up some Filipino Sweet Sausage - Longanisa. Then fried a couple of eggs in coconut oil. Next was the rice, which is half brown rice that I made last night... the rice didn't end there. 
I used this Indonesian garlic fried rice paste and fried it with two beaten eggs. When the eggs were half done, I threw in half a pot of rice. Added a little ground pepper and salt. Turning it into Garlic Fried Rice. 

It's a typical Filipino breakfast, although it would've made it more perfect/authentic if I had a couple slices of a fresh tomato on the side but I believe this pretty much nails it. The rich garlic taste in the fried rice counters the sweet sausage. Then egg yolk all over everything, which is like breakfast gravy.

Still hungry!

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