Saturday, December 28, 2013


FIGHT FANS - Tonight's UFC got some serious shhcraps that will go down in history, whether or not they even somehow remotely suck and go to strange decisions, we'll remember them.

I sent a barrage of text messages to random people this morning and got some opinions back as to who their picks are for tonight, look'um!:

DustinatorWeidman - gonna take Silva down and submit him. Rousey - I like to see Tate win but I don't think its gonna happen. Hapa Brown - just gotta stay off the ground with Barnett. Miller, don't know much about the other kid. Poirier, gonna be tough for the Diamond but I think he'll edge out Brandao.

Heather aka Dustinator's honey girl: Poirier, Miller, Browne, Rousey (but dang, I hope Tate surprises us) and Silva.

The Hater aka Yobotron: Me over Pepe. First round.

Sensei Mike of Blackhouse: I gotta go with Anderson. He seems fired up but all the retirement talk is not a good sign though. Don't think Tate will pull it off. It would great to see Ronda get her ass kicked though.

Rob Fortier: Weidman. And up until 20min ago, Rousey... now Tate! I think Tate's a cunt, but Rousey's a Jesse James Buildoff cunt.

CantStayJose: Ronda for sure and Silva gonna get ass kicked. Barnett, Miller and Brandao.

Gouge: My wife Gail says Weidman because he's better looking. I say Weidman because its going to the ground, baby.

Rod Chmolack: Silva, Rousey, Browne.

Trevelen: My opinion is that Anderson Silva should have took a warm up fight to get over that TKO. Unless he feels that confident about his recovery time, I believe Chris Weidman has a good chance of keeping his belt because of his TKO victory and confidence. It's different when you loose by decision vs getting knocked out. It should be a good fight and I think it will to a decision.

Brawny: Silva, Rousey and I hate for bet against one Hawaiian but I think Barnett might be too much for Hapa...

Me: Silva, Rousey, Barnett (I actually hope Browne too). The rest I'm in for the ride.

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