Friday, January 17, 2014


I twisted Pepe's arm (Kimura grip, of course) into going with me to a bike show all the way in Ventura about a month ago. He bitched most of the way there but so did I. And I had some good laughs trying to cheer him up. When we pulled up the gate to get in, I saw this guy and this spectacular shovel chopper rolling by. I was floored. Just by the lines, I felt absolutely sure of two things...
Number one, he put this whole bike together by sheer chance. Got lucky with the angles already on a roller he picked up somewhere, by someone else from another time & space. 

Or it could be number two, where he actually knew exactly what he was doing. I mean, look at the stance on this thing. With the engine cradled back, stretched, raked, tall but the frame rails not too high off the ground. No overdone pipes. And on top of that, homeboy was pulling a neat fucking trailer at the time. 

So I kept an eye out for his bike during the show. His bike ended up being parked behind the DicE booth, where we ran into Cole. Then the bike caught the eye of all three of us. We sat there and talked about it for a while and got to meet the guy, JD Sansaver.

So I finally rolled up to Culver City to go meet up with him at this neat fucking artist commune there where he has a killer shop. Here's a few shots from yesterday. Upcoming feature for either Street Chopper or Hot Bike.

JD's a cool cat and if you're wondering, he ended up being guy number two. He knew exactly what the fuck he was doing.