Thursday, February 20, 2014


Last week Wednesday, Makonabe from Hardcore Chopper aka Chopper Journal was in town from Japan. He visited our academy on the night flew in. Lucky for us, it was the same night that Mark aka 9half was getting his surprise purple belt. Makonabe took a few shots for us.

Sensei Kevin and Mark aka 9half

In case you didn't know... after your first given white belt, there are only 4 belts to obtain in jiu jitsu, which are blue>purple>brown>black. Each signify what technical level you are at. So you can imagine they are far and few between. Lots of time is spent, countless hours of drilling, sparring and drilling and drilling techniques, 10,000 times over. And over.

We like to grind, watch fights and try to break each others limbs for fun...?

So yeah, just got these shots from Makonabe tonight and I thought I'd share. I'm pretty delirious from training tonight as I type this now. But big time aloha and congrats to Mark!

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  1. I'm a writer/drinker not a fighter but the mutual respect you dudes have for one another has always been impressive, kudos.