Friday, March 21, 2014


Got invited for a roll at Black House yesterday, courtesy of Mike Lee. Was super stoked of course, got invited before but just couldn't make it. Made sure I did yesterday though.
I was all like, what? I wore the friendliest t-shirt I had!
Large mat, same area all those photos and lots of video footage was shot that I'd seen on TV.  Mike Lee (pictured, black gi), their all around media guy, is here on a daily basis. 
I wanted to get in the boxing ring and mess around and act like I know how to box, kinda like how you'd "play kung fu" with friends as a little kid. 
Keeping it mellow, worked some positional sparring, some regular rolls. And while nobody was looking, I went and kung fu kicked everything and did eagle talon eye-gouges on that one rubber mannequin guy. 
The Spider, Anderson Silva's gear from his second fight against Chael Sonnen when he completely and undoubtedly demolished him with a knee to the solar plexus and there was no way Chael was going to get back up and it was over and finished. Did I mention that Chael lost on that fight? 
My half Japanese brother from another mother, you know I totally dig Lyoto Machida. How could I not? Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and now contender for middleweight. One of the very few karate guys that makes it work in the octagon. And if you're thinking to yourself, "nooo - he doesn't REALLY make it work, dawg!" you should read this paragraph all over again. 

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