Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I have a friend named Pepe. He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does. Enjoy.


Some years ago Pepe was building an old bike, which actually turned out really, really nice. Its been his magnum opus. He was very careful about it, wanting to get all the right parts.

And wanting to do it just perfect, he drove me a little nuts. I'm not sure who got the most of it but if it wasn't me, I must have been runner up. "Dude, I scored this speedo and dash for nothing from this guy and its so rare, soo RARE!" and "these are the most perfect tanks I ever SEEN! pssht, the dude practically GAAAAVE them to me!" 

Pepe called me a thousand times and asked me tens of thousands of questions. One day I offered to get him the above book, which I had been using as a reference guide for quite some time. 50 bucks and I could have Pepe off my back and he could become a student of Bruce Palmer's bible...

Me: I'm going to get you this book

Pepe: I don't want it 

Me: Why not? 

Pepe: don't buy it, I don't want it

Me: it's pretty much got all the answers I give you anyway

Pepe: nope

Me: Why not? you don't like waiting for mail order stuff or something? 

Pepe: I rather just call you for the answers, it's easier 

Me: It'll be here in 3 days

Pepe: I don't like sitting there and reading

Me: .........

The End