Thursday, January 28, 2016


 ...roll another one beat the outcome.

Where... have... I... been. Its kinda interesting, from my perspective (or via pakajunk perspective) thats its been the same but with more in life. Definitely better, for sure. Its as if things are the same + amplified positively since my last post in April 2015.

Still training, eating, training, you know. Family, work, train, food.

I mean the whole pakajunk blog thing started just because I wanted something to do besides writing articles for motorcycle magazines. Even if it was just a couple of sentences, I just wanted to run on a tangent about something ELSE.

And just before I started pakajunk, everything was motorcycles. My 9 to 5, my part time job, my hobby, my commute to work, emails. Surrounded by motorcycles. It was a relief doing this.

Then after a few years, life sorta got in the way. Had a kid, life got very interesting and cool, got wrapped up in martial arts and I'm still there. Its kinda nice being into something that can't be bought. It was a little rough watching things I loved dearly, that was once garbage to most people, become the holy chalice of their garage built pile of chopper freedom. 

I love the fact that my open guard or my armbar can't be purchased on eBay or bought before I could find it on some odd craigslist ad in San Diego.

But fuck all that, I guess its how its going to be now and I've come to accept it.

I still work in the v-twin industry but in a much more different mindset. Can't tell you how much more refreshing it is. Like an in-house consulting guy, I guess. My bosses leave me alone to what I'm good at it (or what I think I'm good at!) and I get the job done.

So yeah, just wanted to rattle off what was on my brain as I sit here full of home made pizza.

Will post soon.