Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chopper Chickens and Lizards

ChopperDave was over to taste and review Komforte Chockolates. We were about to leave on bicycles to ride a block or two away over to my wife's community garden when we noticed a friend in the window of his van.
Dave's not sure how he got in there but I think his name is Nardo Lizardo. He's been hitching a ride around town for a few days now and he hasn't actually been able to get Nardo out of there. Homeless alligator lizards, fuck, what are we to do about them? All they want is a hand out. Get a job!
Nardo quickly slithered away and turned in for the night, but over at the garden Dave got to know one of the Rhode Island Reds a little better.

I want to fry this chicken and eat it really bad... but her daily gift of eggs will hold me off. For now.

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  1. This post would be funnier if that was a rooster...