Wednesday, June 23, 2010


*note that Pepe is terrified of spiders.

Pepe: hey dude, did you install your ceiling fan by yourself?

Me: yup... why?

Pepe: did you have to go into the attic?

Me: shit yeah, of course.

Pepe: fuck. how long did it take?

Me: not long, I went up and down like an hour or so to make it all perfect.

Pepe: was it up there?

Me (remembering his arachnophobia): well... it was fucking nuts dude...

Pepe: why? why? what do you mean?

Me: it was like fucking Raiders of The Lost Ark and shit, spiders everywhere!!! crawling all over me and shit. pretty creepy, man.

Pepe: (long pause)'re fucking kidding me...

Me: shit you not but I only got bit like 6 or 7 times. it's not like I had to go to the doctor or anything. stung like fucking hell though but the ceiling fan was in.

Pepe: fuck that bullshit, I ain't going up there.

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