Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Long Beach

I dig living in this city within cities, I really do. And if you live here, been here, visited here or whatever the hell and haven't seen or noticed all kinds of EVERYTHING going on here, you haven't looked hard enough. Downtown, North Town, Cambodia Town (Little Phnom Penh) and all that's inbetween... and all it's nooks'n'crannies have gems hidden in around every corner.
And on top of that, there's a bunch cool neighboring cities. Easy access via freeway or surface street to the beaches and beach cities of Orange County. Go over the bridge and head to another old port town of San Pedro. Endless things to do within and around the area.
I want to eat my way through this town. Don't get me wrong, my wife is a good cook, but I like eating out too. I'll eat everything this city has to fucking offer. Southern, Soul Food, BBQ, Filipino, Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Mexican, South American, French, diner food, greasy burger joints, street vendors, list goes on and on. I will eat you all!
And 99% of the time, the cops don't bother you when you're jockey shifting your way to chopper freedom as long as you don't act like a total dick going down the street. Yup, I love this town.

Here's a trippy fact:

Long Beach, CA
Over 490,000 people, about 66 square miles.

Oahu, HI (my hometown/island)
Over 900,000 people, about 600 square miles.