Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Misoichi Ramen - Tokyo, Japan

Submitted by Shin:

This ramen is from Misoichi in the Koenji area of Tokyo, Japan. Miso means soybean paste which is the same as miso soup. Misoichi blends 52 ingredents and spices to make the soup.
The soup has a very, very deep taste but a mellow miso flavor and its not that salty.

Oh, it's also a totally different taste if you are thinking miso as in miso soup. Miso is very healthy and considered a "soul food" for Japanese people.

The flavored boiled egg and spicy menma (boiled bamboo shoots) were cooked by community volunteers and for this we put coins in the donation can and take a little for our meal:

Famous miso ramen was established in the city of Sapporo and it's still good but personally I think Misoichi is the best.

This last picture shows the monitors in this ramen shop, which is to check on your car. It is strictly no parking in front of this place, so customers can use these monitors to avoid parking tickets.

[god dammit I want to eat here!]

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