Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You West Coast Faggots Couldn't Last a Minute Here!

There's a response from this guy!

No, we wouldn't last a minute there Mr. Anonymous from New Jersey!

I hear Bill Dodge is doing pretty good there though!


  1. he's right cause we like to RIDE out bikes everyday...

    I think there is more than a couple of "west" coast guys including myself who would like YOU to put us to the test..

  2. yah ive been to new jersey im not impressed but i have seen jersey shore that impressed me hahahahhahaaa

  3. I have some good friends in New Jersey.

    The bbq I had in The Ironbound didn't last a minute.

  4. Woa I didn't even comment on the New Jersey part.. it's nice as fuck there.. all green and shit, like the South kinda..real "tough"

    I think more so he wouldn't last a day in the ghetto with us... riding, dealing with Asian drivers, cholos who wanna shoot you for no good reason.. and real gangsters.. WTF