Monday, July 19, 2010

Ho’olaule'a 2010 - Alondra Park

was HOT. sun burn just walking out of the parking lot.
gotta check out the vendors.
then check out what got for grind. frickin lines was so long!
couldn't handle so had to get the quick teri beef plate. pretty good, cannot complain.

ordered a pork luau from another booth too. forgot to take picture tho.

okole patrol!
boto man!
saw some Hawaiians:
getting tick cuzzzz
the line for malasadas was crazy. I going be back in Hawaii pretty soon.
cannot wait for take everybody to Leonard's.
had to mop it up and shared one pork kalbi plate too wit my ol'lady.
we all found a spot in da shade. watch hula (too far away to take pictures).
be back next year!

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