Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Toyota HiAce Custom

Fucking hot.
One of the many models that never made it to the states.

Stole the photos from here.


  1. Those frickin vans are all over the place in Japan!!!!

  2. all those Japan-only vans are so rad.

    If I hit the lotto I'm importing a HiAce from Panama. I heard they got them there.

  3. yeah thats ok and all, but a tan sienna van is super duper badass. Funny how toyota stuff has so much personality at home, but here it's total vanilla soft serve. I've worked for Toyota for 15yrs and aside from the occasional 3rd gen Supra or All-Trac Celica or Corolla GTS it's all boring crap. Unless you are into the new "Swagger Wagon" hype. I've always wanted to put a 2jzgte (supra motor) in an early Cressida..THAT would get groceries