Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.

The Concrete

Pepe: come over, dude! you gotta come check out the new concrete! we finished it!

Me: ok.

Me (strolling in to see 6 other people who were also invited over to view the new concrete)....

Pepe: fuck, you see it? this is baaaaad! we can have parties and shit, BBQ, I'm gonna make a roof for it, I'm stoked on it.

Me: yup, it's nice man. I dig it. good call on the concrete.

Pepe: you kidding me, holmes? it's rad!

Me: yeah, I think so too.

(minutes later...)

Pepe: have you sat on it yet?

Me: ?

Pepe: dude, this concrete is soo comfortable to sit on!

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  1. this one is my favorite story! -June