Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Marathon Man

When I was a little kid, I remember my mom mentioning that she went to see this movie. I remember not knowing what the word marathon was and having a hard time figuring out what when she was trying to tell me the plot of the movie. I always asked though, over and over. It was probably hard to tell a 4 or 5 year old kid that the movie was about stolen diamonds, secret government agents and Nazi war criminals.

Yeah, so I finally go to see this movie in its entirety last night for the first time in my life. Talk about 70's overload in the last 12 hours. No not the 70's with long bikes, beards, old chopper magazines and big bushes. This movie been branded into my brain and last night around 10pm, I happen to catch it just before it started. I decided to stay up late on a school night and watch it.

Not the best movie of all time or anything but it was pretty good. I mean, I'm stoked I finally got to watch it. The whole deal back then, growing up in small town Wahiawa, all I wanted to see was a big city. It always seemed like cities like NY and Chicago were featured in movies back then and I wanted to move to one of them. Any of them. Honolulu would've done fine.

I was pretty stoked just getting out of our neighborhood, living up in the "heights" of Wahiawa, up in mountains and coming down a couple of miles into town. Traffic lights, street corners, and 2 story buildings - big city life! Wahiawa's population was probably less than 10,000 people back then including the local military bases. It's at 16,000 people today.

So cruising around Wahiawa, sitting shotgun in the car, I got to mess with the radio every now and then. I remember Cecilio and Kapono coming on a lot but I especially remember Chicago being pretty big on the Hawaii air waves.

Just thought I'd post this song as well to cap off my 12-hour 70's overload.

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