Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mooneyes Show - Irwindale, CA

On a whim I called CantStayJose to see if he wanted to shoot up to the Mooneyes Show in Irwindale. There was business I needed to handle there and I had a few hours so why not. It was hot as fuck and usually I tend to stay away from shows. Too many people can trip me out and I wanted to stay out of the heat.

T-Rod was already on his way to Jose's so minutes later we were on the freeway. No traffic on Saturday, so we took it easy and just steadily cruised our way out right around noon.
I brought a lighter camera with me so I could let it flop around my neck so I could try to get a shot of mi hermanos.
We got to Irwindale and the first thing to catch our eye was this bike.
You can read more about it here.
Oh shit, dude - twin turbo!
What could it be like to ride in this car?
What could it be like to drive it?
It was hot as fuck. I couldn't even think straight. I couldn't even figure out what to take photos of. I thought maybe I'd shoot a feature while I was out there but it was so fucking hot I couldn't do it. Saw this bike in front of Kutty's booth:

Me: watch out - that car's gonna run you over dude
Jose: what car? oh, that's my cousin Rudy!
did I mention that it was hot?
Cole had his booth right next to Kutty's.
And it was hot. Losing my mind. Too many people.
For a few moments, it wasn't that bad as we had run into Senor Cole.
Walking back to our bikes.
Now we are overheated AND hungry.
I think this was around the time when T-Rod yelled "get your fucking ass going Jose, you don't want to stop to talk to every single person about a car you never even bought yet. I'm hungry and I want to get the fuck outta here you fucker!" Oh shit, we better go.

But wait, duuuude I need a shot of this wagon. Sucker for wagons.
Traffic picked up but we sliced through it like butter. Next thing you know we were at El Taco Nazo, which may sound familiar because I've written about it before (at a different location). The fish tacos were great. The peppers too. I man-styled it and kept up with T-Rod, halfing the last extra taco we had because we were both stuffed (and not hot anymore because were obviously in the shade).

Oh, shit, look! There's a Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell across the street.
How could you possibly choose to eat there with El Taco Nazo right next door?
We all had shit to do on a Saturday. Good times hanging out.
Time to go home.
We headed back down the 605 and split up at the 405.

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