Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After about 15 years with this machine I have finally, FINALLY gotten around to switching out those horrible button head T40 torx to ARP 12points on my rear disc. I haven't gotten to the front yet because, well, I don't need to change the front disc yet!
Oh, and I finally powder coated the fender rails which I been wanting to do all these years and never had. Now I feel like a genuine outlaw and everything. Especially since I have a Avon Venom 140 rear (FAT MEATY MASSIVE) tire that I got for $20 courtesy of my employer.
It's not such a big deal to switch these things out but I go through a lot of tires, brake pads and discs. Lots of maintenance on this bike all the time. A bit more than one would expect if ridden very frequently. Anyway, just wanted to announce that.

Back to other things.


  1. I am mechanically inclined, but still wanna ask you why you do not like the button head T40 rear disc mount screws? I am curious, that's all. I can not think of anything obvious, eh? Thanks.

  2. I noticed that torx bits/sockets/tips get used up the quickest by breaking or bending but gets used the least.I prefer the feel of a 12pt socket over a torx anyday!

  3. Ah. Thanks for replying. ARP fasteners - very nice!

  4. those torx suck. if never serviced, they get seized in the wheel and anything but a $50 snap-on torx socket will round em out quick, they you are having a real bad day. I found black buttonheads at a local hardware store, but on 2nd thought those 12pts are.....on point