Tuesday, August 24, 2010

59 on the 710

I had just gotten over a cold. Must've caught it on the plane or something because within 24 hours of being back in the L.A area, I was sick as fuck. Sleeping like 14 hours, get up for an hour and go back to sleep, you know, the usual bad cold type of shit.

Finally came back to life a week later. It was a Saturday or maybe a Sunday and it was my first day back to reality. Things weren't as fuzzy but I still wasn't up to driving. Riding was totally out of the question. But I wanted to get out of the house bad. Sasha drove us to Little Tokyo in L.A to check some shit out and then head over to Cole's to get a nice French Dip sandwich, which we'll see here a little later.

So I was sitting shotgun and she spotted this gem in front of us. She rolled up real quick and I told the guy hey - what up. The dude saw I had a camera so he smiled and waved.

The Impala guy held out as long as he could so I could get some shots.
He had to another freeway to catch.
The thing was fucking amazing rolling down the 710 freeway.
The immaculate chariot, blue Dodgers cap, all of it - fucking choice.
It's like a sign that we were about to have a good day.
I rarely make my way out to the actual city of Los Angeles. Always interesting and fun there.
It was nice to be back in my home away from home.

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