Thursday, August 26, 2010

FXR FEVER: To My Old Regulator

You have served me and my FXR very well. Thank you for regulating voltage for all these years.

I had often wondered about you over the past 12 years of being on my FXR. I remember purchasing you at the Sled Shop in Waianae when my stock regulator and stator had died. I am ashamed to say that I had much doubt over you, since you were a fully chrome bodied regulator (and was the only one of your kind on the whole island). Your longevity has been a great surprise to me and many doubtful others.

To the doubtful many, your origins from Crane left them to suggest that you would wear quickly but you had outlived many stators; at least 5 over the course of your 100,000+ mile lifetime. You had served twice, maybe even more time on the road than most motorcycles would ever see in a lifetime.

And now to you my old regulator, I salute you! job well done!

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