Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Kaikado Rikuo

Ok, an intermission from my usual shit about whatevz...

It was 4 years ago, around Aug/Sept or 2006 when I shot these sample photos. I'd usually carry a pocket digital to take some sample shots. I was still shooting film back then, so I got a grip of stuff still on slides. If I ever get a slide scanner, there will be lots of old fun motorcycle and hot rod photos to look at.
So I shot this Rikuo from Kaikado Kustom Service up in Ventura. A nice lady happen to be by, we asked her to get in with a few of the shots.

This feature ended up in an issue of Ol'Skool Rodz.

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  1. I always dug that bike, bummed I never got to see it in person..