Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zippy's in Wahiawa

If you've ever been to Hawaii, you must've seen at least one Zippy's location. Unless you were holed up in the tourist hell-hole called Waikiki during your entire stay, you probably drove right by a Zippy's.

It's Hawaii's version of a 24 hour diner. A large of chain of them all across Oahu ever since I could remember. Not your average diner menu though, noo.

It's where most end up for a quick bite, a meal after hours, where you take your high school date after the movies, or if you live in the mainland now and actually MISS eating at Zippy's, this is where you go too.
I hadn't eaten at Zippy's in a few years so I haaad to go.
Our group split up, so CantStayJose and Dustinator cruised up to my old stomping grounds of Wahiawa to hook up with Nos and Jun. Oh and we sat in the fancy dining area and everything too, dog. Jose wanted his chili rice bad and this was evident even before boarding the plane to Hawaii.
After a look at the newly inflated pricing on the menu (not sure when it got so expensive), I realized it pretty much still looked all the same. I went straight for the daily specials which we almost missed since it's not served passed 9:30pm.

Didn't take too long for me. I went for the shoyu chicken with brown rice. Had to have the Mac Daddy too. The shoyu chicken wasn't the best I ever had, nothing at Zippy's really is, but it's good. I can honestly say it's good and always satisfies.
Jun asked our waitress and indeed they still had steamed opakapaka. Excellent choice for a lady in full time muay thai & jiu jitsu MMA training:
And her other half, Nos, went for the same. Shoyu chicken but complimented his with an order of a large saimin. Oh shit, I just noticed that he skipped his scoop of the Mac Daddy and get "all rice" instead with his shoyu chicken:
Dustin went for a smaller portioned shoyu chicken, small fried noodles AND an order of chili with rice. The chili at Zippy's is good. It's a famous chili in Hawaii and if you live near a Marukai Market in Southern CA (or beyond), you can buy this chili frozen in the Hawaiian section. I've taught many of my friends here in CA to do just that.
Jose went for a large saimin and a side of chili w/rice too. I think his craving was finally satified.
So was mine. Glad I went to Zippy's. Lots of late nights spent there.

I can imagine Zippy's will make it to Southern CA some day.
Torrance or Gardena location...?

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