Monday, August 2, 2010

Len & The Superhawk

A little over a month ago... a few of us went over to the shop Len works at in Westminster, CA. Noah aka Noar was out of commission due to a race related broken collarbone injury (that was so fucking unnerving I couldn't take photos of it) and Dustin aka Dustinator aka Nator wanted an excuse not to paint his kitchen, so we rolled out.

Garage bay door rolled up to reveal the elusive Nissan Skyline many of us dream about. All kinds of high end rides go bolting out of this place.
You can check out the full feature in The Horse #101, which should be on the stands now or sometime this week.
It was brighter out than I liked, but I was lagging that day so high-noon photo shoot was how it had to be.
Lots to look at.
Lots of peeking around.

Dustin got this last shot as I drove the truck.
Then we were gonna head back to Long Beach. But some time during that drive, Dustin talked us into stopping here in Seal Beach:
I had an iced tea with a nice tropical flavor to it. Noah and Dustin had fancier ones with milk or something in it, I can't remember.
Or maybe Dustin didn't have iced tea, huh:
We all had the lunch special. Vermicelli bowl with grilled pork:
Easy Breezy Saturday afternoon.

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