Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dinners of August

I kept a camera on our kitchen counter just so I could take pictures for you pakajunkers. Most of the time I totally forgot to take a photo but I did manage to capture a few notable ones. So with a little help from Sasha, we're going to try and remember what they all were. Here we go...

Fried ahi/yellow fin tuna fried in southern style corn meal (new one for me!), cheesy grits, greens from the garden and green bean ragout. Fresh ahi from Stevie!:
Pizza! Tomatoes from the garden. Sauteed leeks, herbs. Fresh mozzarella. Pizza dough from the market:
Maui onion pie. Cream, heirloom tomatoes and some spices:
Roast chicken, basmati rice, black eyed peas and greens:
Sasha not home! Spam fried rice, frozen vegetables. Hawaii style!
More fresh ahi from Stevie. Sasha had the sashimi on this night:
I had herb crusted grilled ahi with steamed squash and rice:
FRESH corn chowder, grass fed beef burger (we bought grass fed beef in bulk, beef CSA):
The grass fed beef burger was so good, we went for another round a couple of nights later. Side of greens. Homemade okra pickles on the counter. Best Foods mayo god dammit:
ChopperDave dropped by for something I can't remember, but he stayed for a little snack. Polenta casserole, fresh homemade pesto with California walnuts on pasta from Santa Fe Importers:
Grass fed beef curry:
Oooh, this one was a treat. Our neighbors are from the east coast and they flew this back. We had Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches from their favorite spot there, just hours from a direct flight to L.A. Of course the rolls were kept separate. We just re-fried the meat and they were ready to go:
Last one, Sasha perfecting her homemade pizza skills again. This one was trippy but in a good way. Heirloom tomatoes, herbs and blue cheese all over... but the other half was pepperoni from Santa Fe Importers!:

Aloha everybody! Have a good Sunday...

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