Friday, September 17, 2010

Japanese Classic Car Show 2010 (part 2)

More photos from the show.

Bosozoku tailpipes in full effect.

I wonder if they were Superior period correct exhaust trumpets that he paid $300 for on eBay?

No $500 Bates seats were harmed in the creation of any of these fine Corollas:
Ah, gentleman's cars...
I think you have to be some sort of Asian Spy to drive these:
All I would need is Kalapana and Cecilio & Kapono albums with this truck and my period correct scene would be complete:
The paint job on this Dodge Colt was so great, I had to take a photo for everyone:

ooooh, 2000GT:

And then there was this rad van in the parking lot that trailered one of the show cars here.
It could probably drive over and smash all the 510's there like Godzilla! Nooooo!
The End.

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