Thursday, September 16, 2010

Japanese Classic Car Show 2010 (part 1)

This time it was held at The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Excellent for me, considering that's like 10 minutes from my hood. I took a grip of photos.

As some of you may know, my dream truck. Toyota Stout:

This truck wasn't bad either! Long bed, 4x4, super fucking clean.
I'd love to have an early 80's Toyota 4x4.
I dig the rotary power t-shirt too.
The half Japanese in me cries out, "sell your knucklehead... buy one of these Subaru wagons... lower it... buy a big muffler... buy rims... it's your DESTINY!"
Not sure what was going on here with this little guy.
But I got a photo for you guys.
I had never seen this Suzuki jeep in my entire life.

Some people dream of overpriced chopper parts from eBay.
I dream of 510 wagons.
Here's a shot for Jeff over at NOLOGY.
Thought I had more Celicas... gotta look...
Sasha thought this Nissan Patrol was pretty neat:
You know, I always buy a couple of lottery tickets. There's no lottery in Hawaii.
And if I ever win the lotto, I'll buy a huge house with a 10 car garage.
And this fantasy garage will not be filled with Ferrari's and Lambo's!
Sasha tripped out the most on these Landcruisers.
Especially this FJ45. I think she just likes anything with a winch:
510's are always in full force at these events.
So fucking many of them. Amazing.
I was in an ocean of 510's.
Just swimming in it.
Then I came across this beauty. My personal favorite of the entire show:
This guy had a cool theme. Saw it a few years back in Irvine:
I was drowning in 510's.
I got more photos from the show, will probably post them tomorrow.


  1. Nelson , Lovin' the Pics.

    Ain't Nothin like Old School.

    This is back when Japanese Cars

    Had their Own Identity.

  2. Man, that brings back some memories. I can't even tell you how many of those things I saw rolling around the north side of Torrance and Gardena when I was in high school. The Datsun 510 was the car of choice back then too.
    My brother called me from that show on Sunday. He was showing his turbo charged '79 Mazda RX7.

  3. I was trying to figure out how I could loop in Stevie B's "Spring Love" into pakajunk for the day, just so it can get extra creepy looking at those show photos.

  4. Those Celicas were "period correct" customs from my high school years '80-'84. post more please!

    Any RX-2s? My friend Lester got away from Inglewood PD in one of those...

  5. Just saw your dream truck for sale up here in San Jose. Toyota Stout $6999. I've never seen one before you posted that pic and today one in the flesh pops up!

  6. awesome pics,stoked on the celicas, had 2 but the 76 was stolen, still have the ugly 79. wish we had shows like this up here in idaho.