Tuesday, September 28, 2010


After shooting photos of all the bikes rolling into the entrance to the Santa Monica Pier, we walked down to check out where they were parked.
All kinds of interesting set-ups.
A whole 'nother realm of vintage bikes.
I found Kimura-san's 1915 Indian.
He had some interesting stories to tell, like a broken crank pin in Oklahoma. Luckily, he said someone flew one in for him.
Everyone did what they had to do:
I talked to Jeff Decker briefly about Kimura-san too, says he was a genius. "Shinya pretty much had the crank out of his bike every night! If I were stranded on a island, I'd like to be with that guy."
So much to look at. It was pretty crowded. Hard to get a shot for you guys. I ain't complaining though.
Check out this rig. It was a video guy riding on the back of this FLH:
It was a good time out there.

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  1. The guy taking photos, sitting backwards for 3,000 miles was Michael Lichter. Pilot of the pan was Carl Olson from South Dakota whose son Matt wrecked his Sears early on, breaking his arm I am told. Matt told Carl to keep on. A class act.