Monday, September 27, 2010


Yesterday at the Santa Monica Pier. Got there just 15 minutes before the riders started showing up. Just in time.

It was actually my first time on the pier too.

Seeing so many of these bikes at once was pretty neat.
I mean seeing them at bike shows is one thing.
Seeing a whole grip of them running all together is another.
All these guys were heroes.
hey! it's Lucky!
And I was wondering...
...are these legally not considered motorcycles or something?
Lot of guys running without helmets.

I know that guy.
it's Jeff Decker!
And Kimura-san rolled in right after.
follow his run here.
These "chase trucks" were pretty rad.

hey, it's Mike Tomas!
I'll post more later. Read more about the run.

1 comment:

  1. those guys are outlaws , they don't give a fuck about helmets !

    You ride that far on an old ass machine like that , you get to call your own shots .