Thursday, September 2, 2010

West Coast Choppers CFL

Shot a friend's CFL for The Horse #102. This issue should be out on the stands now.

He's a cop in a local beach city out here in Southern CA. Known him for almost 10 years now. He had the help of a bunch of people putting this bike together because we all dig him because he's super fucking cool.
I like this bike though. Tight and right. One time he brought us like five AK47's and this crazy uzi that he confiscated and let us shoot it out in a parking lot behind Walmart.

Noooo, I'm just kidding. That did not happen.
WCC is like 3 minutes from my pad so it was nice shooting there.
It was a Sunday night. I think we went and got tacos after this.
Mr. Sergeant CFL guy got the same 96" S&S engine as I did for his CFL project, like same one - same time. I think his rigid might eat up my FXR in a street race.
You know what's rad too is that he has all these rad guns that he carries even off duty so if anybody tries to jack him, he'll fucking shoot you and shit!

Thanks to Rockabilly Jay for helping me out with this feature as well as Jesse and Bill over at West Coast Choppers. CantStayJose helped out with some photo duties that evening too.


  1. Saw this bike @ Born Free 2 and was awestruck. Everyone can stand around and bash Jesse/evos/new school/ anything thats not a shovelhead but there's no way if you are remotely interested in motorcycles that you can't love this bike. It's as sano as bike I've ever seen. Damnit I swore off the Horse too bacause it generally sucks, but now I have to buy another issue. Thanks Nelson

  2. That bike looks quick, tight, strong and FAST. Damn. My AK-47 is also quick, tight .... aw never mind.

  3. i just read the name Rockabilly Jay in the text. been a while since I've seen or heard about him. Think you can dig up some pics of his old VL pan? that bike melted my brain and I always wondered what happened to it.