Monday, October 4, 2010


why why why

fake fake fake

start your own deal

I'm not sure why people want to be Sinners so fucking bad.

I will let you all in on some big fucking secrets (this will be the most I have ever talked about this online or in print): it is all weddings, baby showers and birthday parties. There is very little antics in the ways of Panheads and Pendletons. Barely ever any choppers and hot rods. All we do is hang out and live our daily lives and go to work. We help each other dig holes in backyards and go to the beach with kids, go out for tacos and ramen (and curry and fried chicken at Roscoe's, yakitori, Korean BBQ, and and and and...).

Everyday is absolutely NOT like that one DVD video that I'm not even going to mention here.

In fact most of us barely even talk about bikes or hot rods amongst each other.

But one thing we do share is this common bond of family and friendship. If you try to share our name with us without our actual approval you're a big fucking FAG.


  1. from an outsider i say amen. be yourself everyone else is taken

  2. Its shame a grown man can,t think for himself... but hey some of us are leaders and some are sheep..!!!

  3. hold down the fort nelson. btw, just to play devils advocate here, maybe they have never even heard of you guys, shit, could be on the other side of the world... just sayin

  4. i wonder how that truck door is going to look in my garage . here i go again .

  5. hey Blush, that guy "knew". that's all I gotta say. I wouldn't be posting shit if I wasn't so sure.

  6. lol he's posted up in the atricle looking tough as shit too. Maybe it's a homage to the real crew...kinda like the dudes that paint their station wagons up in Packer or Raider colors? prolly not

  7. Let's face it, if you never considered wearing a sparkly 3/4 helmet before about 1999, never wore Vans sneakers until well into your 30's, and thought Pendeltons were only worn by the Beach Boys and cholo gangsters before a certain silly DVD movie came out, at which time you ran out and got a pair of Dickies to complete your costume, then you might as well be French.

    And, if that is in fact your current biker uniform, then you might as well be Swiss.

    Sorry, homo.

  8. From France :

  9. That's a true shame...

    For Davecat: As a Swiss, this is just for you : F.U. very much