Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In my travel to find the perfect plate lunch spots all over Hawaii and beyond, I have never seen such a thing as Dustinator had just sent me via the Coconut iConnection:

An entire tray of LOCO MOCO...

...and on top of that, at a movie set in L.A.

Hollywood isn't such an evil place after all.


  1. Man, I've been thinking about Loco Mocos. There is one
    Hawaiian restaurant over here and it serves Fajitas and Hot Wings.
    Nels, you should do a definitive article on The Moco.
    History, evolution and gravy recipes.
    Where to get the best Moco.
    That bit when you break the egg and the yolk mells with the gravy.
    Oh fuck yes.

  2. Jimmy... Pasty Kitchen in Los Alamitos I posted about a little while back had a seriously good brown gravy, which they called their "beef gravy".

    It was .35 cents for a small cup to pour onto the meat pasty I had. It would be PERFECT for loco mocos. There must be good brown gravy mix available in the U.K!

  3. I though I was dreaming when I stumbled upon this tray of magic!!!!!!!!!!