Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I have a friend named Pepe.
He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does.


This episode submitted by Irish Rich!

I had a similar adventure like PEPE TIME #12. A few years ago, on a Thursday afternoon, I was out in Long Beach and I get a call from Pepe:

Pepe: Hey Holmes, where’re you at?

Irish Rich: I’m driving down PCH, right by Lakewood, what’s up?

Pepe: Oh man, I got my engine and tranny back for the FXR and I gotta get them in this weekend. I know you’re out here on vacation but nobody’s around and I need some help! Can you swing over and help me out?

Irish Rich: Sure, no problem, I’m like 5 minutes from your house. Be right over.

Pepe: Aw, cool man! I’m in the back, come down the alley when you get here.

So I drive over to Pepe’s, and we work all afternoon on the FXR and it gets close to dinner time. We decide to take a break and go out and get something to eat. On the way back, we’re heading down Pepe’s street, so we can make a right turn and head back down his alley to park.

About half-way down the block Pepe slams on the brakes, throws his truck into in park and jumps out of the cab yelling “HEY MOTHERFUCKERS! YEAH, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS…..”, and starts running over to these two guys walking down the opposite side of the street.

Before I could get out of my side of the truck, the two guys start to take off down the street, but Pepe was able to catch one of the guys, and before I get to both of them, he’s knocked this guy down on the sidewalk, and he’s yelling “I TOLD YOU, YOU CRACKHEAD MOTHERFUCKER, THIS IS MY NEIGHBORHOOD, MY STREET, AND I TOLD YOU TO STAY THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!”. “GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, AND STAY OUT!”.

Pepe gives the guy a boot in the ass, and the guy scrambles to his feet and takes off running….

Irish Rich: What the fuck was THAT all about?

Pepe: Aw, nothin’. Those guys are a couple of crackhead fuckin’ punk crack dealers. They tried to sell my friend’s sister some crack. I told those fuck heads to STAY OUT OF MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I told those guys I’d kick their asses if I saw them around here. Hey man, there’s kids and shit around here, they don’t need this shit in their neighborhood, you know? I’m like watchin’ out for them and shit, and those guys better not come back around, or I’ll fuckin’ fuck them up every time I see them!.

We worked the rest of the evening, and part of the next morning, we got the engine and tranny in the FXR, and we had his bike fired up and rideable by late Friday morning.

Pepe is my hero.


  1. That's cool. Funny story, but it is totally necessary. If he doesn't do what he does the crack heads would be ruling his street. Now they think twice. Way to go Pepe.

  2. Pepe is trouble! Stay away from Pepe!