Saturday, November 27, 2010


The white collar businessman in Japan is called Salaryman.

Stereotypical characteristics include extreme over working, golf, all night karaoke sessions and binge drinking to wash away all the stresses and sorrows. If you go to any major city in Japan, you'll see the drunk salaryman on trains or on the street.

I decided to search the words drunk japanese salaryman on google and these are the images I found.

One of my favorites. He must feel so god damn comfortable at this point:

This one is the shit. It's like the light of God is shining down unto him:

He's gonna lose his shoe:
Must be the raddest of feeling of being totally fucking plastered by yourself and never knowing when/if you'll ever get home. Over and over.
Considering how safe it is in Japanese cities compared to American cities, they rarely ever get fucked with. I've seen them since I ever could remember on my trips to Japan.


  1. That's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen. What the fuck.....

  2. Thats awesome but if we did something like that here we would be in jail!!!

  3. Hahaha That last pic is the best thing ever Im laughing my ass off.....

  4. I fucking love Japan. Went to there in September. Drank with some salarymen in a couple izakayas. Found out pissing on the street there is only acceptable if you're a drunk salaryman.