Saturday, November 13, 2010


Had some business to take care of with Illusion and it was right around lunch time. I was hoping these guys were thinking the same. Let's eat!

T-Rod and Rusty are 50/50 partners in this always immaculately clean shop. This shop is so clean, the 5 second rule or whatever if you drop your slice of pizza on the ground doesn't apply. You can just leave it on the floor for over 30minutes and still be good. It's a whole other realm of clean here, really.

Here T-Rod is hacking away at a pro street style FXR frame for Kurt Sutter, the SOA guy, which will be a complete bike in no time. FXR Fever is running deeeeep.
Check out T-Rod and his single cylinder H-D powered speedway bike. A combination of a highly modified Buell Blast engine case and one-off S&S flywheels.
This will be ready to run in about a month. Pretty neato stuff.
STD revival? Yes, they're out of business for now but they may be making a come back real soon. I'll let you all know the details soon as I know myself.
Where's Rusty at anyway? not sure... but we told him to meet us at Tom Yum Koong, right behind H-D of Westminster. I thought this was going to be a flop but I heard good things about it. Very fairly priced lunch specials and the tasty meals have large portions as well.

And as you can see below, this charming extra large man made it in no time; already with a Thai Iced Tea in his hand!

I have to admit, when eating lunch with Rusty you get crazier stories than an entire season of SOA. But maybe it's more like the movie Scarface than anything else.

Both of them ordered the green curry. The curry was poured all over the rice before I could even say "eh! I need to take a photo!" But how could I stop these hungry men?

In the 5 mile radius of this area, you can get a lot of different curries. Japanese curry place down the street, another Japanese-Italian curry spot a little further down, and 3 different Thai curry spots within a half mile from here... but for the price and friendly service, it's hard to beat Tom Yum Koong.
Thought I'd try something different this time, so I ordered the Pad Woon Sen, stir fried glass noodles.
Tom Yum Koong is right behind a well stocked dealership so you can pick up parts AND fill your belly. Check it out!

And oh, how's this, more or less unrelated: poking around online for Thai Green Curry, I found this website: with the chick is wearing a Frisco shirt from 415.

What a coinkidink:

Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen!


  1. I heard that at his last physical, Rusty's doctor told him that he would never have a heart attack, because the heart would never be foolish enough to attack him.

  2. I'm in love with this Girl!!!!!