Friday, November 12, 2010

North Shore Pan

Here's one by request. Took me a little bit to dig up these pictures so here they are finally. Shot this one around May 2005, back home on Oahu.
I've known Todd since '97. Saw his pan (as seen below) at a coffee shop on Wilikina Dr. in Wahiawa. Pretty shocking to find a bike of this caliber in my hometown.
Years later, after I moved to CA, I came back home for a short vacation and shot his panhead over at Rock Piles.
I can't remember the girl's name, but she was a friend of a friend. Real nice girl, worked out great that day. I had a little Kodak digital I was using to shoot sample photos. All my features were done on film back then and quite a bit longer after that. I never shot digital until just a couple of years ago.
Here's a scan of the original slide that ended up being on the cover:
Rock Piles is the same beach where a bunch of us have vacationed at a few times now. I miss it.

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