Saturday, December 4, 2010


He's the guy who started Super Sixties about 6 years ago, which was an amazing flash in the pan. Maybe you've read the story.

That was a bike Chica and I built while I worked for him called Rumbler in '03 or '04. It seemed a good part of the chopper world had called us after that, every day, wanting to know what/when/how to get a VL front end and how to fit a big twin engine into a VL frame. VL front ends and frames were still mildly considered garbage back then. Imagine that.

That girl was a porn star named Jessica something. We delivered the bike to Jim Gianatsis at his home in San Fernando Valley and they shot a bunch of photos in his studio garage. Fun day. Got to hang out in SFV all day to wait for the bike (instead of hacking away at work).


  1. I worked on this Bike a few times at the shop ... It's still one of my favorites. you guys made an impact on the way we were going. Although they wouldn't admit it.

  2. we built this bike in its first life in like 3 days or some stupid shat. i slept on the floor for a hour or two, wife at the time dumped 2 trash bags full of my clothes at the front door. and then we rebuilt it in this version, chica made me get the trophy at easyrider show cause he was pissed that it didn't get first place......oh those days of being ground scum

  3. I have to admit, there may have been a certain somebody who rode that bike around the complex in uniform!!! Not gonna say who!! ")