Sunday, December 5, 2010

KING's HAWAIIAN - The Local Place

I often jokingly refer to this place as Zippy's. It's similar in the way that it's a Hawaii style fast food/plate lunch spot with baked breads and desserts, just like Hawaii's Zippy's/Napoleon Bakery restaurants. Since we don't have Zippy's in CA this place does a satisfactory job.

The Local Place is definitely "better than L&L", as we like to put it. That's pretty much our gauge of how good a Hawaiian place in CA is. If it's better than L&L, than its pretty good; we'd visit again. L&L Hawaiian BBQ chains (and all the copy cat places) are almost always below average in terms of taste. They are definitely the McDonalds of Hawaiian food. But enough about that.

I wasn't sure if The Hater and CantStayJose had been to King's Hawaiian - The Local Place before so we took a quick trip to Torrance for lunch. All I had was a bowl of cereal so I was pretty starved at this point.

None of the specials look really interesting to me. I've pretty much had it all before... except the Chile Verde Plate, but who in the hell orders that here anyway? Couldn't decide what I wanted... should I get the.... uh.... can't figure it out.
Whenever I look at the desserts though, there's no doubt in what I would want. And that is the Macadamia Nut Cream Pie. It's the devil. I hate it. It tears my soul apart, you know, like Pinhead from Hellraiser. I need to stop looking at it.
So it was my turn to order and I choked. All this joking about Zippy's, I started to crave Zippy's chili so I took a chance on the chili here. I was kinda bummed. Nothing special at all. Tasted like canned Stag chili! The hot dog was lame too. But a scoop of rice and the Mac Daddy did make things a little easier. A side (or appetizer?) of a regular bowl of Saimin got me pretty stuffed. Saimin also needed a lot hot mustard and shoyu though. It was pretty plain but did the job. I should've ordered the other mix plate combo both The Hater and CantStayJose got. Island Style Fried Chicken, Kalbi Short Ribs, Kim Chee, 2 scoops rice and 1 scoop Mac Daddy.
Jose already got started before I could even get a shot. Can't blame him, we were all pretty hungry. Oh, they both had Saimin with Won Tons too.
And then magically, after we got back to my pad, The Hater busted out the Mac Nut Cream Pie. Why would he bring such pure evil to my home? The temptation is burning me like a raging, uncontrollable fire.

Just having one of these in my refrigerator drives me fucking nuts. Keep me up at night. Makes me come home earlier from work.
Is it too sweet? too creamy? It's not too anything! It's perfect!

Make it go away! Don't leave it at my house!
Those fuckers wouldn't take it home so it's still calling my name from the refrigerator as I type.

The box of pie keeps calling to me, like that puzzle box in Hellraiser. It will tear your soul apart!

King's Hawaiian - The Local Place
18605 S Western Ave
Torrance, CA 90504
(310) 523-3233


  1. As a kid, just about every time I left 18605 S. Westerern, I'd smell like gas??? Very strange.

  2. Yeah Nellie. That's Barry and I neighborhood where we grew up. Our families lived right around the corner there on 186th street. The Local Place was where Barry's dad owned a gas station before they tore it down and built that place. It was also a spot where every Friday and Saturday night the street racers gathered. There and across the street where Del Taco is. Huge gathering of cars. Burn outs, fights and cops. The good old days!