Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Here is how it went last night with text messages to CantStayJose:

15 or 20 minutes later, Jose was in my truck we were looking for the perfect taco. It was an easy persuasion.

So Mi Pariente was closed; we already knew that since it was close to 8pm. We drove down Pacific Coast Highway to Wilmington to see if Carnitas Patzcuaro was still open but nope, they were closed too... which was when Jose said, "lets go check out this other taco place, I seen it on Anaheim but I forgot exactly where it was... we'll find it". We turned around and headed back to our charming city of Long Beach to investigate this new spot.

To most people, eating tacos out of a window in an alley next to a gas station may be way too gnarly. But this is what you eat when you're into chopper period correctness and being all 60's like it was the biker b-movie Hells Angels '69. I swear, trust me! This is the spot you'll find original Bates seats and Borrani rims in sizes you've never even dreamed of!!! Or you may find good tacos.

As I had reported to many of you before, most GOOD taco places have ONE or MAYBE a couple of items that are outstanding. Since this spot was new to us, I had to try a variety on my first order. As you may know, I always skip the carne asada and the pollo. For my first order, I went for one of the following: al pastor, barbacoa and the tripas.

I noticed that all the tacos were priced at $1 each EXCEPT for the tripas, which was $1.50. This immediately got my attention as to why beef guts would cost 50 cents more than all the other more "desirable" parts.
These photos I took with my phone cannot show you how good the fucking TRIPAS was. Not even an inkling. It was like Three's Company, I was Jack Tripper, just cold trippin' on the greasy bovine intestinal goodness. What about the barbacoa and the al pastor I had? aaah, whatever. I could live without them... but this taco de tripas - where have you been all my life! After I had that one tripas taco I ordered, I went back for two more (below).

Me: This is the best tripas I ever had, man.

Jose: seriously, this is the best tripas I've had outside my mom's kitchen.

The tripas were prepared greasy, as they usually are, and on the fried-crunchy side. The flavor was perfect. Not too livery at all, just fried crunchy goodness. Definitely not that rubbery mess that I can't stand.

Where's this place at? Not sure! I'll go back to find out. I think it was in the alley of an Arco gas station but we actually forgot to look what the cross street was! Don't worry, your faithful reporters will re-open this investigation!

Life's too short for burgers and fries!


  1. I am sorry, but if I eat Authentic

    Tacos that late at night,

    i will definitely have a Colon-Blast

    in the A.M. :)

  2. if I eat Italian food (especially something rich like carbonara) I'm more or less just torturing myself because I'll be a mess an hour later... but I'll usually do it anyway.

    For the most part I think it's eating oatmeal every morning that helps me along!

  3. I hear ya on the oatmeal...i have my hot oats with milk/cream sliced banana and sprinkled with cinnamon
    every morning, we can't get street food like that here(N.Ireland) unless ya count kebab meat in pitta bread...which you should only eat after much it's usually preety bad..!! Love seeing the stuff you guys munch.!! :)