Friday, December 24, 2010


I don't do much drinking but last night I felt like having some cocktails. CantStayJose picked me up just after 10pm and we went looking for a neighborhood bar. We always go out of our way to find one that doesn't have any type of scene going on, have cocktails and some laughs.

We tried this spot on Long Beach Blvd & Spring, but it was all kindsa cholo gangster action in there. Then we tried The Puka Bar, which is closer to our pad, but they were playing second rate 90's alternative and the place was packed with hipsters. Then we tried this real shady bar Smitty's but that place was the weirdest yet. No place to sit, pool shark action and this crazy Mexicano/Samoan crowd that I had never seen mix like that before.

Our last try was this bar called Time Out on Pacific Ave. I always thought of it as a Cambodian Hostess Bar. It kinda is, I guess. Not sure but nobody asked us to buy them a drinky and there was no handjob room in the back. Spotless and clean.

The ladies were way more sketched out on us more than anything. But after our first drink, I have to admit, it was fun as hell.
Here's what Jose had to say:

I thought it was rad. I would go back again for sure. Then we ran into this big bad biker that told us all about Keith Ball. It's kinda shady going in there, but once you get in you get a good vibe. I guess because you're the only one there! haha it's like your bar. The fight between the owner and the daughter was pretty crazy too. Their past lives must've been nuts.

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