Sunday, December 12, 2010


Almost everyone who lives in the Orange County/Los Angeles area have eaten here. It's an easy pick. In my opinion, it's NOT exactly the BEST PLACE EVER... but when you're in the mood for food that's not good for you and/or just looking for a Meat Fest, this is it.
And on top of that, the place looks like its made out of bacon! Every American city probably has a joint like this.
I'm going to be quite frank but this place always has huge people dining here. I didn't want to really go right up to them and take pictures to prove my point but trust me, some 300+ pounders are always seated with the evening's specials. The big guy in the white shirt and his lady got this huge pile of spaghetti and ate it all. So did the couple next to us; they got huge slabs of pork ribs plus desserts and didn't have anything to take home. Fucking heroes! I applaud them. I'm being a dick, I know, but I'm just speaking facts as I had seen it.
The menu is rad. Fucking huge. I get lost in the menu. I've had every chicken, beef or pork BBQ'd item before. I've also tried their breaded pork chops with gravy which were off the hook too (Isaac from the Squires tipped me off on that one). I almost got the chicken fried steak on this fine meat fest of a night but I, uh, chickened out. Plus I already had a gravy covered item before so I wanted to move on.
As Sasha always says, "menus with pictures are so fucking great!" Yes, they are. Especially a menu that has "not serving" written over the photo. The menu Sasha was looking at just had a big X scrawled through them instead.
The decor is also interesting. The dreary lighting puts you into this mood of just wanting to eat meat! '

I had a big, fancy cup of water with a lemon.
If you don't want your salad drowned in dressing, always make sure to ask for it on the side. Otherwise they will cover your salad like it was gravy on mashed potatoes.

Ah, and here is my gravy covered mashy-mashy potaters! Comes with a funny toasted half roll.
I got the t-bone steak. I never had the steak at this place. Speaking of T-Bones, the now carnivorous T-Bone canceled on me yesterday. Supposed to shoot his new trike for a feature in Street Chopper but it wasn't done in time. Why do you treat me like an animal, T-Bone? I am clearly not your friend anymore.

Lets not talk about that T-Bone anymore. Lettuce (ha ha) talk about this t-bone instead. I fucked up royale by ordering it medium-well. I meant to say medium. What the hell is wrong with me? It came, well, well-done. The steak wasn't bad, maybe I had a mediocre cut. I ate half of it and was kinda over it. I should've gotten the chicken fried steak. I'll be back here no matter what though.
The onion ring was kinda gnarly. I ate half of it and wished I hadn't. It was a greasy ring of batter-fried yuck. Don't let me disappoint you. This place still rules even though my steak wasn't that great. I'd probably recommend not getting the steak. Like I said, order any of the BBQ stuff. May not be the best BBQ ever but it's certainly good enough for a Meat Fest of a good time. This place is always a treat.

I ended up taking my half a t-bone steak and used it to make fried noodles the next day.

Chris & Pitts
9839 Artesia Blvd
Bellflower, CA 90706

(562) 867-9160

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  1. Thanks for a awesome review Nelson!We are going to have to check out this place.