Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We literally walked right around the corner from Joe's and ran into this spot. We definitely started noticing the competition this city has with its pizza places. With this many pizzerias to choose from, there was going to be good pies. That was easy to figure out.

The place was packed which was a good sign. I was thinking two things when I was in his place. First, it was "I hope it's better than Joe's Pizza". Second thing was "if it's better than Joe's, I wish I only had ONE slice at Joe's so I have more room for this".
Like I said, this place was packed. Could barely rattle off a shot. I got lucky and some people walked out so I held the camera over my head. We were both a little stumped when it came time to order, so we got passed up but it's ok - we really couldn't figure out which slice to go with.
I went with a pepperoni slice. This spot genuinely tripped me out a little bit. I could not believe the crust tasted even better than Joe's Pizza. It was even crispier without being a cracker and just had a little more to it. At this point, with just having less than an hour into our pizza excursion, I was really starting to get stoked on what NYC was gonna have in store for us.
CantStayJose said, looking me straight in the eyes just after taking his first bite, "dude - this fucking pizza is good. Fuck." Without a doubt, better than Joe's. This was the pizza that I wish we had here somewhere in L.A. It would make a total destination spot to ride to, take your ol'lady, whatever. I knew I was going to miss this pizza about halfway through my slice.
I got to take one more shot when there was a 5 second moment where the counter wasn't crowded on our way out. I will see you again Bleeker Street Pizza, once more in my life at the least. I got to.

Stay tuned for more pizza adventures. Our night didn't end here.

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