Monday, January 17, 2011


I been wondering for years if NY style pizza was just hype. I had heard so much about it all the way from over 6000 miles away from back home in Hawaii; on TV, in magazines, books, movies, newspapers, everyfuckingwhere.

Before we even left Long Beach, I had already searched this place out. Checked around online and with the helpful staff at the front desk at our cozy SoHo business hotel. I was dead on and they highly recommended Joe's Pizza as a spot for a cheap slice.

I wanted to intentionally avoid any fancy brick oven gourmet pizza spots. I'm sure they fucking delicious, but it wasn't what I was after. So just a couple hours off the plane, we walked into Joe's in the brisk 20 degree weather. I was pretty fucking stoked to be in there.
Was it all the hype? Could it be? I immediately found out that it was. It's all in the dough. The thin crust. The pepperoni, the cheese, well, I've had pizza with the same level of both... but the light sauce and the crust is what I thought brought it all together.

It's like how you can't expect your chopper to look cool just because you spent top dollar on every little stupid trinket you could find on eBay. No, it's the combination of parts, the use of something extraordinarily cool here, maybe a little there but sprinkle it all over with just what you need (or many had overlooked) to make it juuuust right.
Here we are, speechless. Jose had two cheese/mozzarella slices. I had a slice of pepperoni and the mozzarella. As you can see, I was double-fisting those thin bad boys because I couldn't decide which I wanted to finish off first (or save for last).

It had a delightful thin the crust that was consistently crunchy throughout the slice. I did wonder though, how come pizza wasn't this good in Southern CA. Why can't anyone make this pizza here in the L.A area? it doesn't make any sense.
We were fucking staving and this Night of Slices didn't end here. Stay tuned for more. Things got even more interesting on this night in Manhattan.

Joe's Pizza
7 Carmine Street (Bleecker & 6th)
New York, NY


  1. that place is good. muzarella's on Ave A is probably my favorite pepperoni slice.

    we get really fucking spoiled for food here.

    go to frank on second ave for italian next time your here. we all had dinner there before we met you at Joe's.

  2. Every pizza joint back east is's all in the water. it's not the dough its the water.

  3. I did hear before that it is in the water... but to be really honest, not all pizzas we ate at were good.

  4. Hey Nelson, check out Joe's Pizza in Santa Monica on Broadway if your craving that same taste. Same owner.

  5. Joe's Pizza in Santa Monica? I'm all over it! thanks for the tip.


    The fights over the patsy's/ grimalidi's etc are equally entertaining