Thursday, January 13, 2011


A little side work I picked up earlier last year was this project with COMUИE. They wanted me to put together a photo book (with some words) about none other than our very own CantStayJose.

So I wrote a few things and took a few photos. Several neat photos by Jason Lee Parry too.

Got several interviews together.

The book also includes many old photos. But mainly the book was made as a companion to a pair of limited edition jeans that Jose had designed with COMUИE.
You'll probably never see these around. I think they only made like 200 or 300 units. It's the only way to get the book (sorry, I stayed out of the loop on this). They're also quite pricey but all made in the USA.
The project went well. Turned out choice.

So for the launch party, they're flying Jose and I out to NYC for the weekend. We'll be in Manhattan sometime tonight. Yes, I know we're walking into a snowstorm. Can't wait for my first bite of NY style pizza.

I'll be making pakamobile posts here on the fly throughout the weekend.


  1. I'm confused and my head hurts...

  2. Many many food options for you - dig the food stories on your blog - but I'll start with this one:

    Get the Kati rolls - think Indian food tacos.

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  4. The best clams are hand-picked, with shovel and pail, during a receding tide.

  5. A nice, comfortable pair of clammers really make the work enjoyable.