Tuesday, March 29, 2011


...or Dodge Conquest.

I almost forgot that this late 80's rear wheel driven turbo-fied car even existed. I was at a traffic light this morning on the way to work and an amazingly well kept red one was throwing some revs at me. Asian guy with sunglasses even though it was pretty cloudy and gloomy. You can hear his blow-off going every time he lets off the throttle. Had to give him the business on the green light but what tripped me out the most was how nice his car was!

Then I found this website: Old Parked Cars.

Pretty neat seeing all the random cars.


  1. Do you know if they meant to call it Stallion?

  2. you never know! that kid's car this morning was fucking bad ass though!

  3. Stallion is way better than Starion. Starion sounds like a name for a queer stripper..well Stallion does too I guess. Either way nice car.