Friday, April 22, 2011


Submitted by The Hater:

Always gotta get some shave ice. No two ways about it.

If you don't, might as well take some lava rock home then and bang your head on the rocks in weak Waikiki shore break like Greg Brady, too.
Food trucks are all over the island. Usually, they serve up garlic shrimp plates, but this one we spotted in Haleiwa served Korean food.
Had to sample!
We got a kalbi (short rib) plate and a spicy shrimp plate with a light vinegar dressing shredded cabbage salad on the side.
Simple but very tasty. Across the street, there was a McDonald's with giant posters advertising hot Taro Pie! Oh yes, had to try. Where else can you get poi pie?
n this trip, we went to check out the newly renovated Pearl Harbor Memorial and pay respect. Very impressive and pretty heavy to say the least, and surprisingly, it was free admission. Always no charge. Gotta go, no excuse.
After, we went back to Kapahulu for lunch at the local favorite spot, Rainbow Drive In. So many choices. Couldn't decide. Then, right up front, stocky old Japanese guy orders the special beef stew.
Okay, me too. Spicy, tomato based, with lots of onion, potato, and tender cuts of roast. Broke da mouth! When in doubt, copy chubby uncle. Can't go wrong!

to be continued...