Thursday, April 21, 2011


Submitted by The Hater:

Wanna go to Hawaii?


About once a year, that's all it takes. Really, how can you say, "no?" Like expert waterman and local boy hero Eddie Aikau, facing monster winter swells at Waimea, when it comes to grinds, I will go (and eat). And, like Eddie, it's not for glory or for ego. It's just what we do!

The rotation is always slightly different. But, here's how it went this time around. Fresh off the plane, first stop on the way "to country" (North Shore), Zippy's, Pearl City, the fancy one with the elevator and sushi bar.

Special of the day, Mochiko Chicken (teriyaki marinated fried chicken, using mochiko rice flour)! Gotta get some Won Ton Min to wash it down too, right? When it comes to local grinds, don't ask why. Ask why not?
And for dessert, Leonard's Hot Malasadas. We actually went to both this trip, Leonard Jr's in Aiea, and the main one in Kapahulu.

Pao Doce, beignet, donut. Whatever you call it. Fried dough and sugar. How can you go wrong?
Had to go to Shige's in Wahiawa for lunch next day for some extra Saimin (see below). The spam musubi didn't stick around long enough for the camera. It was too damn good. Sorry.

to be continued...

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